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About us

Our company

Slimkart was initiated to help everybody lead a healthy life by providing good nutritious & hot diet meals to everyone 

We are associated with Jalan healthcare as our primary healthcare consultants and offline payments can be made at the clinic.

  • Hot and tasty food
  • Best customer service
  • Online ordering
  • Doctor & nutritionist consultation

Our team


lose 3-5 kg /month

In our experience people who follow our plans usually lose about 5 kgs a month with 3 kgs being the absolute lower value . Some individuals even lose around 8-10 kgs 

Diagnostic tests

“We ensure that all your deficincies are checked as far as possible to ensure that you lose weight as fast as possible.

Daily Follow Up

“With a follow up call daily you can talk to our experts to seek guidance in the comfort of your home.

Nutritionally balanced diets

With proper diet plans we ensure that we give the proper nutrition to your body while making you lose weight